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Island Hvar

Hvar, as the sunniest island in Croatia with more than 2800 days of sunshine per year, can be proud of significant heritage.
It includes the centuries-old olive trees from which they derive the best olive oil, famous vineyards from which grapes are used to produce quality vines, lavander fields, herbs used in native cuisine, such as rosemary, oregano, immortelle..
Interesting part of the island herritage is the Stari Grad Plain, which is listed as a World Herritage site by the UNESCO. The gallery of the Stari Grad Plain can be seen here:
Also the procession Za križen (follow the cross) is the 400 years old tradition that takes place on Good Friday. In the procession the local people are walking 25 km, visiting 6 villages of the Island.
More about that tradition can be found at the site: