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About us

The "Studio" type apartments are located in a house near the shore, the first row alongside the sea, with a beautiful view to the sea, to the island of Hvar and partly to the breathtaking Makarska riviera.

Each apartment contains a kitchenette, bathroom, and a terrace with a sea view.  Every apartment has two beds, and if needed, an extra bad can be provided. Also, each apartment is equipped with a TV tuner, and your car is secure at the private parking right in front of the house.

The house is ten meters away from the sea, You just have to cross the road and get down by the private path to the beach. A little place of Vrboska is 600 meters away, a few minutes walk on a quiet road along the coast. At Vrboska (where is beautifull castle and bridges for which it was named Little Venice) there is a marina, restaurants, bakeries, shops, post office, ATM, internet cafe, etc.

If you decide to go in the opposite direction, you can continue  walking along the shore, with a beautiful view on the Makarska Riviera, and the sound of the sea all the way ... after 2.5 km you will reach the town of Jelsa, which has a market, fishmonger, post office, bank, and everything else like Vrboska. To visit a town of Hvar it only takes 20-minutes drive by car.

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